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Accreditation Fees

ALAP Accreditation Package

The price for the Accreditation package is 995 GBP.

Please note the course can be any level English Language certificate course, a TEFL or TESOL certificate course or a Vocational certificate course.

Please contact Paul Rogers on

Accreditation Fees

The following tables shows the one-off fee payable per course for accreditation only when not buying the package.

ALAP Level 1 £120 GBP
ALAP Level 2 £145 GBP
ALAP Level 3 £195 GBP
ALAP Level 4 £245 GBP
ALAP Level 5 £295 GBP
ALAP Level 6 £345 GBP
ALAP Level 7 £395 GBP
TESOL/TEFL Certificate Level £595 GBP
TESOL/TEFL Diploma Level £995 GBP