Defining Excellence in Language Acquisition For Professional Purposes

ALAP Framework

ALAP Framework of Language Performance
ALAP Level 1 CFR Level A1 Beginner
ALAP Level 2 CFR Level A2 Elementary
ALAP Level 3 CFR Level B1 Intermediate
ALAP Level 4 CFR Level B2 Upper Intermediate
ALAP Level 5 CFR Level C1 Advanced
ALAP Level 6 CFR Level C2 Fluent
ALAP Level 7 Native Speaker
TESOL/TEFL Accreditation
ALAP Certificate in TESOL 100 + learning hours
ALAP Diploma in TESOL 300 + learning hours


The ALAP seven level Framework of Language Performance (FLP) is based on the Common European Framework (CEFR) created by the Council of Europe. We prefer to use the term CFR (Common Framework) to acknowledge international learners outside of Europe. With this in mind, the ALAP framework is designed for use by language learners worldwide.  The framework is an indication of what the learner can do with the language skills achieved at each level, and was created to allow learners and employers internationally to easily identify current language skills and required focus for development.

ALAP issues Awards of Achievement (Certificates and Diplomas) following accredited courses of study at the seven levels on the ALAP Framework of Language Performance.  Any learner achieving an ALAP Certificate and/or Diploma can instantly prove their level of language competency for a specific purpose.

ALAP Level 1 – Beginners

Learners have minimal knowledge of the language. They have few basic words and phrases and can use expressions of greeting and know numbers. They have picked up words and phrases from films and popular music, but cannot hold conversations in the language.

CEFR Level Equivalent: A1
IELTS Level Equivalent: 1.0 – 2.0

ALAP Level 2 – Elementary

Learners have limited to basic knowledge of the language. They can use present tenses and can understand past and future tenses. They can hold a simple conversation on familiar topics in familiar situations, but struggle with unfamiliar topics and unfamiliar situations.

CEFR Level Equivalent: A2 – B1
IELTS Level Equivalent: 4 – 5

ALAP Level 3 – Intermediate

Learners are able to converse with relative ease in the language in familiar situations. They are gaining knowledge of use of tenses and are widening their vocabulary. They are, however, still not competent in unfamiliar situations.

CEFR Level Equivalent: B1 – B2
IELTS Level Equivalent: 4.5 – 6

ALAP Level 4 – Upper Intermediate

Learners are able to communicate effectively in most situations. They speak fluently on a large range of topics. There are likely to be a range of concepts which these learners would struggle to express. Their ability to speak fluently will not be limited by the errors which they will still be making.

CEFR Level Equivalent: B2 – C1
IELTS Level Equivalent: 5.5 – 7.0

ALAP Level 5 – Advanced

Learners are able to communicate effectively in all situations. They speak fluently without hesitation. They still need to improve accuracy in certain areas of the language, to expand vocabulary and to improve pronunciation, use and understanding of idiom.

CEFR Level Equivalent: C1
IELTS Level Equivalent: 7- 8

ALAP Level 6 – Fluent

Learners are fluent. They may still make errors, especially in pronunciation, but these errors do not interrupt fluency.

CEFR Level Equivalent: C2
IELTS Level Equivalent: 9

ALAP Level 7 – Native Speaker