Defining Excellence in Vocational English Language Training

Why ALAP Accreditation?

Accreditation by an external awarding body is considered a key benchmark for measuring the quality of a training provider.  The process of maintaining accreditation also allows you to hone your operations and make sure your training institute is running at maximum efficiency.

Benefits of Accreditation

* Not all accreditation schemes are the same.  Some will simply allow training providers to use their logo, without checking the standards of the courses on offer.  This includes awarding bodies regulated by Ofqual, who are not required to check course materials as part of their approval process.  ALAP verifies that the materials and training provided by an accredited language school meets predefined quality standards.

Find out How To Become ALAP Accredited

ALAP is registered on the UKRLP (UK Register of Learning Providers), Number 10088821
Registration on the UKRLP confirms that we have been verified against a recognised legal source.