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Why should I seek ALAP accreditation?

ALAP is a completely independent awarding body specialising in TESOL and other teaching qualifications. If an organisation is accredited by ALAP, you can be sure of its professional quality and integrity.

How do I check if a school claims to be ALAP accredited but doesn’t appear on the approved list of providers?

Email us here: and we will confirm or deny authenticity within 48 hours.

What if an employer questions my qualifications?

Once an ALAP-accredited course has been successfully completed, you can complete a form which is automatically sent to ALAP for verification. You can request the response is sent to an employer or anyone whom you wish to know of your success. You can also ask an employer to contact us directly.

How do I become an ALAP Centre?

Simply email us or complete the online application form. Someone will respond to you within 48 hours and take your application further.

If I take a TESOL qualification accredited by ALAP, will you assist me in getting a job?

ALAP is not a recruitment organisation. However, because we have extensive contacts all over the world, we are often able to put you in touch with potential employers.

I’m not sure if my English skills are good enough to take a TESOL teacher training course. Can you help?

Yes. Register with us to take the ALAP Online Placement Test. This will give you a “proficiency snapshot” of your current English level. This is an accurate assessment of your competency.

What if I am unhappy with my TESOL training provider?

Please email us with full details and we can check things out for you.

Can you advise me about future career development?

ALAP accredits TESOL qualifications up to Diploma level. However, we are in close contact with a major university which will consider you for a Master’s degree in TESOL based on your ALAP qualification.

I have other questions that are not covered here.

No problem. Email us or send us your Skype name and we can either reply in writing or arrange a conversation in real time, depending on where you are in the world.



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