Defining Excellence in Language Acquisition For Professional Purposes

Our Mission


It is the mission of ALAP to be instantly recognisable as the benchmark for excellence, quality and success in the awarding of language acquisition for professionals whose aim is to expand their opportunities and offer better services to the international economic community. Any institute of education or employer can trust the level of language competency that has been achieved by any person presenting an ALAP award as proof of a specified level of achievement that is standard and consistent.

It is our aim to supply affordable, yet valuable, Awards of Achievement to learners of languages for professional purposes that are accessible to students worldwide from a variety of cultural and economic backgrounds.  It is our belief that official recognition of achievement should be accessible to all language learners who are working towards their own advancement, and not limited to the privileged few.

It is our commitment to contribute to this vision to the best of our ability with the welfare of learners as our core motivation.

ALAP is registered on the UKRLP (UK Register of Learning Providers), Number 10088821
Registration on the UKRLP confirms that we have been verified against a recognised legal source.