Defining Excellence in Language Acquisition For Professional Purposes

ALAP ESOL Centre of Excellence

ALAP seeks to recognise organisations which are constantly striving to maintain high standards of course delivery. We specialise in accrediting English Language courses as well as courses in the teaching of English.

ALAP has therefore introduced the ESOL Centre of Excellence which is awarded to any organisation which achieves accreditation of 10 or more courses including ESOL (ESP, EAP, EOP) and vocational courses. Any number of courses can be submitted to ALAP for accreditation. The courses can be submitted for accreditation either at the same time or one by one, whichever the provider finds most convenient.

A sample certificate for the ESOL Centre of Excellence is shown below.








ALAP is registered on the UKRLP (UK Register of Learning Providers), Number 10088821
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